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The beginnings of PKS in Chojnice date back to 1953, when the Field Station was established as a subordinate to PKS Branch in Bydgoszcz. The first fleet of vehicles consisted of six army surplus trucks and two horses and carts.

After seven SAN buses had been received in 1959, the station in Chojnice took over transport services from Branches in Bydgoszcz, Supsk and Koszalin. With the increase of the range of transport and services, the station was converted into PKS Branch on 1st January 1962 with its subordinate branch station in Splno and an agency in Tuchola. The years 1962-1970 mark the further growth of transport potential. In 1970 PKS Branch in Chojnice rendered its transport services to 5,400,000 passengers and its buses made 277 runs a day. Such a situation precipitated a decision to create PKS branch on 01.01.1969 in Czersk, which started to render a full range of services to The Bydgoszcz Concrete and Ferroconcrete Plant in Krasin. In the 70s a number of undertakings were carried out with the aim to develop technical infrastructure and improve social conditions and conditions of work for drivers, including bus diagnostics, repair workshop in Chojnice, new technical infrastructure. Moreover, PKS branch station in Tuchola was rebuilt and modernised. In 1980 PKS Branch had 134 trucks, 105 buses and 628 employees.

Next years mark the successive development of passenger transport services. On 1st July 1990 another change was introduced, which led to the reorganisation of PPKS functions. Due to divisions within the Public Vehicle Transport in Warsaw, Goods and Passenger Transport Branch in Chojnice was separated on the basis of which the Public Vehicle Transport Enterprise was established. The legal basis for its establishment was the Ordinance of the Minister of Transport and Maritime Economy (No. 58 dated on 7.06.1990).

The Enterprise has conducted its activities as a public utility enterprise in accordance with the Act on State Enterprises dated on 25th September 1981 and the statute of the Enterprise approved by the Voivode of Bydgoszcz and the Minister of Transport and Maritime Economy on 10th December 1997.

On 8th July the Voivode of the Pomerania signed the agreement concerning privatisation of PKS Chojnice. A company was established under the business name of “Przedsibiorstwo Komunikacji Samochodowej Chojnice Sp. z o.o.” (The Vehicle Transport Co.Ltd. in Chojnice) with 49% of shared owned by the State Treasury and 51% of shares owned by BLUE LINE, a Warsaw company. BLUE LINE undertook to make considerable capital investments, which is now embodied in a new fleet of buses.

Now the company owns 115 vehicles (including 97 buses) and employs 220 persons.


89-600 Chojnice
ul. Drzymay 12

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